Singling Out Saturday 2.1

For those of you new to blog, welcome first of all! I have gotten to share this blog with people for over three years now and it has morphed and changed a bit since it’s inception on NYE years ago! Occasionally on Saturdays I turn the focus to singles (since I am one) and I like to share some words from another writer/author that is directly related to them. It might apply even if you aren’t single, so have a peak and let me know!

In doing research for the book I am currently working for, I dug through many books related to singleness, relationships, and dating. In fact I am still perusing through some as a means of seeing what it is that I desire to say that doesn’t fit with the current trends in writing. I stumbled upon a book written by Mandy Hale, a fellow Nashvillian and single lady, called The Single Woman.

The list below from The Single Woman I felt was apt as many are resolving to find love this year. Let’s get a conversation going, what are your thoughts on this?


  • isn’t possession
  • isn’t codependency
  • isn’t jealousy
  • isn’t neediness or clinginess
  • is not meant to complete but complement
  • isn’t toxic (oooh, so good and true)
  • is finding an equal match (something we often forget)
  • is letting go when you want to hold on
  • never requires me to sacrifice my dreams or dignity (something I have forgotten in past relationships)

*parentheses are my thoughts


Is there something on this list that shouldn’t be? Something you disagree with? Or do you agree with them all? Something you’d like to add to this list? Share below in the comments.


Pick up Mandy Hale’s book, The Single WomanLife, Love and a Dash of Sass, at your local book retailer or on Amazon. Follow Mandy on Twitter @thesinglewoman and check out her Facebook page. She can also be found at her website.

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