Quitting the Resolutions.

Thursdays are good for quitting stuff. At least from what Bob Goff says.

With it being on the second day of a new year, I hope you haven’t quit this year yet. But one thing I do hope you will quit today is the need for resolutions. Let’s be honest and say that they truly don’t work. By the time we roll around to summer we have forgotten them for the most part, but then when December hits we rush to remember that we have yet again failed to live up to these lofty goals of our own making.

Let’s focus instead on how to better live into our year, instead of letting it remind us of failures at the end of it.

Think and pray on what word you would like your year to be defined by. Join us over at One Word 365 or follow the conversation on Twitter at #OneWord365.  Share it, be intentional about seeing it and living into it.

Photo courtesy of One Word 365.
Photo courtesy of One Word 365.

Tomorrow I will share the word I have picked for this year and how for the month of January I am living it out. We’ll be switching some things up on the blog with a new year, and I am excited about the coming days hustlin’ and wordin’ with y’all!

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