The Social Me

I had plans to write on something else this morning. In fact it was something that had spawned yesterday and continued to weigh heavy on my mind and hear throughout the night and this morning. But then I logged into Facebook and knew that the post I had been attempting to craft for two weeks needed to just be done and posted.

You see, I popped into one of my favorite online communities in Facebook. One that has had a hand in supporting and encouraging me throughout the last few months to pursue the dream to write. There it was…a steady stream of “ME!” posts. And while I must put the disclaimer out there that I too have posted my own blog on there or shared a trying “me” time, I got agitated. It was post after post that went from whining about being called out for tardiness to a friends gathering (which was rude by the person who did it), to a photo of someone’s sister’s sonogram (seriously?!) and then brag after brag…which for this group has become the norm to pull up to the brag table.

That’s when I just had enough. This community was created for coming together across the globe to talk about dreaming and then building, how we do it, how we can engage others in it, and then how to step beyond that dream into reality. I even tried to engage in a step beyond post and got told “Just write.”

We’re in a place now where we have to ask our own family to put away their phones at holiday gatherings…my cousins did this at Thanksgiving and are planning to do it again in the next two days as we gather to celebrate Christmas. Yes I have social media, and yes I have this blog…but I feel like the focus has turned from connecting one another to besting one another on Facebook, on Twitter, and even in blogs. We have to post our food (guilty), our gifts (guilty), and our best selves (I have thus far resisted that urge). We show the gloss and the best in order to craft our best life to others.

Can we not live life anymore outside of our status update or funny quip on Twitter? (and yes I am as guilty as the rest) But when do we say enough? When do we take back something that was created for inherent good and say, “No more!” (My nerd self is imagining Gandalf with his staff questioning each time we post)

Maybe the social “me” is tired of it all. Tired of being too accessible, tired of knowing all about people and preventing any authentic conversations from occurring in person. Tired of catching up with people by seeing photos of their kids, their crafts, and their status updates. Instead I’d like to bring back the catching up over coffee, over a lunch, over a long conversation with an actual person. I’d like the interaction to be intimate and active, not passive and ignoring that message or like. Let’s share life authentically, and in reality…


If you’d like to read my post on living in real life community, you can check it out here.

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