An Open Letter to My Harasser

After a rather lengthy Twitter confrontation yesterday, I felt it best to share this with anyone who might have seen it.

To my harasser, For seven very long months you have online stalked me and even posted you have called me to confront me. You have called and cancelled dinner reservations that I dumbly posted I had for my birthday. You have threatened and verbally assaulted me over and over again.

I could post up copies of the tweets or the 45 emails you sent in a month, but I won’t. I could easily go on the attack, as every person would naturally be prone to do, but I won’t. I could continue to pursue legal action against you, as that is my right in this instance, but I won’t. As much as I have tried to understand or apply logic and reason to you, that is a losing battle on my part. I don’t understand why you continue to harass me…but enough’s enough.

Instead I choose to say here that I forgive you for the months of anguish, frustration, tears, and fear you have caused. I forgive you for the names you have called me because that was the only thing you could do. I made the mistake yesterday of attempting to do what Proverbs 26:4 tells me not to do: Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you become like him yourself. Don’t mistake this for weakness, as you have actually caused me to find my strength in God over these seven months, so I should thank you for that. So I will pray for you daily, lifting you up so that you find peace and comfort.

Understand something though, and hear me loud and clear, your persistent attacks on social media, via email, threats of calling me are done. I will not stand for them and I will continue to address them openly should you find that you need to continue.



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