A Joyous Engagement

Three. That is the number of friends I have that are recently engaged. And by recently I mean within the last four weeks. I am so excited for all three of them. The happiness I see each of them have in their relationship is just beyond words. You see it, and you get it.

As someone who up until October was in a relationship headed towards an engagement (and it was the worst idea for that relationship to head towards in hindsight), there’s a part of me that gets jealous of seeing it. Seeing the photo or the status update…Then comes the mountain of guilt because these are my friends and I want the absolute best for them. This is their “best for them” moment and time. This is their story God is writing, as He writes a different one for me. I happened to read this quote late last week and I was reminded of it again this morning.

And so, every time a jealous thought enters your mind, flip the thought and give thanks. Gratitude heals and prevents jealousy.“- Jessica Turner

Instead of allowing jealousy over a friend’s happiness to enter my heart and mind, I can give thanks. Thanks for the image of love to be born out through their relationship. Thanks for God using their relationship to provide an example for me. Thanks that a friend is in a joyous time of celebration and newness in their life. Thanks that it’s not about me, and I would do good to remember that more often than not.

A thankful heart focuses on others, while a jealous heart focuses only on the self. Congratulations to all of those who are recently engaged and planning for a new adventure in life! I am excited to sit back and watch God do amazing things in your lives as marrieds!

4 thoughts on “A Joyous Engagement

      1. Definitely can. I hate the envy and jealousy that Satan uses to torment me. Praise God we are more than conquers! And is grace is sufficient. Be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart, all that wait in Him.

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