Leading in Prayer.

As a believer, I have to admit something to y’all. This is a safe place to do that…so bear with me as I share this today.

I don’t pray as I should. Yesterday I talked about how I verbally vomit on God. But that often comes from days, weeks, and maybe even a month of not really praying as I should. Lately I have been focusing on growing in my prayer life more. Sure, there are plenty of books but I believe the best way to grow in prayer is to do it. And do it again, and again.

My grandfather, from what I recall as he passed away when I was a kid, would pray these beautiful prayers every year as the entire family gathered at Christmas. One year a cousin audio taped it so that we could have it should something happen to him. Thankfully we have that since the following year he passed just before Christmas day. When I think about prayer, I often think about his….and some other influential spiritual powerhouses in my life.

My prayer life though doesn’t mimic any of theirs as of late. As I grow in faith I must also work to grow my prayer life. Something I kept thinking on over the last few days is how I pray for my leaders, the people in my life who lead me. So I wanted to pose that question to you all as well today.

Do you pray for your leaders? Your boss, your CEO, your supervisor? Do you pray for the people who lead your business, your company, your work?

I have to say for so long I neglected that responsibility. And it is a responsibility we carry as believers in the world, to pray for those we report to and who lead us. No matter the issues we are facing at work, our greatest opportunity is be the intercessor for those who lead. As this blog began to form, I started to chase the rabbit of this further and ask, “Who else should I be praying for daily?” I started to think on the people within job who need prayer, without me knowing what is going on. (Because let’s be honest, we like to wield prayer as gossip too much in the church these days.)

Who in your job needs you to stop and pray for them today? Do you need to pray for yourself as well in your work? Today when it gets overwhelming, when it seems like you just cannot take one more thing, remember the opportunity you have to pray. To talk to God and let Him know. While He may know it all already, prayer allows us to recognize what we may not have realized before about ourselves and about our God.


Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16 (NIV)

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