Sharing Sunday

Just like with Singling Out Saturday, Sharing Sunday came from The Nester 31 Day Challenge. Today I wanted to share with you a pretty pointed quote. I am unsure of where it came from as I didn’t document it in my reading journal, but it’s from quite a while ago as I was reading back through the first few pages this morning.

One way to ensure a miserable life is to constantly measure your own life by the lives of the people around you.

I don’t know about you but this season of the year, with gifts and parties and friends and family, tends to cause a bit of envy to rise up. We see what others get, and give, and start to compare our life to theirs.

My nephews were looking over the Lego website to let Nana and me know what they wanted…the little one would say “I want that too!” everytime big brother would pick something out. It’s the age old story that goes back to the Fall of Man essentially. We want what we believe we deserve in life, and if that includes what others have then so be it. However it leads to a miserable life spent dwelling on what others are doing, where they are going, or what they have.

I hope this week of Thanksgiving we can all take time to understand we are all separate people with separate gifts and blessings, trials and hardships. Instead of dwelling on what others have that we don’t, let us be grateful for what God didn’t give us to begin with, because that is truly the only thing we deserve. Let that carry us through this season, and throughout the year.

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