Singling Out Saturday Returns

During the 31 Day Challenge in October, I posted on Saturdays with this theme relating it to single life. You know since this blog is about the single journey and the experiences of a single life. I enjoyed sharing those on a Saturday and so did you all…so on occasion I’ll continue to have these pop up.

Today’s Singling Out Saturday doesn’t necessarily relegate itself only to the single lifestyle, but to everyone. I have been reading a book by a Nashville writer (actually all three books I am currently enjoying are by Nashville authors…I love this community) who wrote specifically for the single woman. Mandy Hale’s book The Single Woman hit shelves this fall and many have been talking about it. I perused it several times, as I am prone to not indulge in books that are too similar to a Sex and the City ripoff. I am only half-way through this one, as I thought I would branch on out, but I will say that some things are great while others I am not in line with.

That’s okay though. Many people believe you have to agree with everything the book says or you cannot like it. Not the case, I think a book should cause you to ponder and wonder, to stir up your thoughts and work through them for yourself. It’s the beauty of reading, in gaining knowledge and finding a deeper sense of who you are.

Now back to the thought I wanted to share with you from it today…

The standards you set determine the life you get.

I think that is so very true. You have the power to set the standard of your life, to choose what guides you and influences you which ultimately determines the life you have, the life you receive. If you choose to listen to those who say you do no wrong, that tell you yes all the time, you’ll get a life where people fear you, and not in a good way. If you choose to set the standard that you are constantly being wronged by everyone and no one sticks around in your life, no one will.

You have that choice in what kind of life you have…so what would happen if you started setting the standard for your life that is extraordinary? that dreams and builds and grows? that goes beyond a toxic attitude or following how someone else lives their life and living into your own? Don’t set the standard by someone else today. Set it by God’s standards. See where that gets you.

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