Be a Balm.

Lately alot of conversations I have had with people have centered around toxic attitudes and low morale. It’s happened numerous times in various settings, and I kept wondering what is going on in life. When I see it weighing on my 10 year old nephew’s shoulders like a boulder, I know it’s enough.

The words we use, the actions we live out…those have repercussions in the lives of others. Recently all I see is people leaving a wake of hurt people. An echo of harm and frustration and doubt. We are so quick to have the last word or retort that we forget this is a brother or sister in Christ…someone we love dearly.

We, because I am guilty of it too, want to crush someone so they know how we feel. We want to bring them to the level of our hurt so they can commiserate. Instead all we do is perpetuate ugliness and pain. And it’s now seeping into the next generation. Bullying is prevalent not only in the school systems, but in the homes and in the locker rooms. We have the ability, the choice, to better this generation coming behind us…to better even our own generation now. But that means doing something, saying something when people use words to harm, to cut down, to crush a spirit.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. 

Proverbs 17:22

This verse has been a perspective changer for me over the last few weeks as I have seen repeatedly the difference a cheerful heart makes in the lives of others. My question to you today is, would you rather be the balm that soothes a life or the hot water that scalds and dries it out? You have that choice in every interaction, every relationship, every life today. My prayer is that you would leave someone better than you found them today, that their life would be better because of you, not worse.

3 thoughts on “Be a Balm.

  1. I often think of Ezekiel 37 and the Valley of Dry bones when I think about speech. We have the ability to bring them words of life to weary, dry, dead bones. That’s the type of person I want to be. Sure, its easier for me to do that with people I love, instead of the person who’s been giving me ‘tude likes its their job, but the Truth remains the same. We’ve got to be people who speak LIFE. Good post.

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