Throwback Thursday

Photo owned by Sara Stacy
Photo owned by Sara Stacy

Every once in a while I share some photos and stories on Throwback Thursday. Today I wanted to share this photo. That’s me at my college graduation…ten years ago. It amazes me that it has been that long. As I return this weekend for Homecoming at UT (the real UT people…we were established first), I have been growing quite nostalgic this week.

I found my journal from Senior year and the year of my internship. It is crazy to me to see the changes in my life from that time, and some things that haven’t changed. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculously boy crazy I was then, and the extremes of emotions at that time of great transitions in my life. It was a little comforting (and alarming) to see my emotions have been such a staple of what I write about for years. Maybe that’s the healthy outlet for them after all.

I laugh when I look back at my graduation picture because I remember certain parts of that day. Most vividly I remember my sister being 7 months preggo with my oldest nephew, and her having to sit during the whole ceremony since my college was one of the largest. I remember the nursing students being wild at graduation, and rightfully so. I remember being terrified of what was next for my life. I never shared that with anyone, but I see in the photos the scared eyes of uncertainty…of a life not quite sure where it was going…but a girl determined to figure it out for herself.

I am definitely not who I was then, but there are pieces left. The diehard, alma mater loving Vol. She’s still there. The cook in the basement of Melrose, experimenting with different recipes. She’s still there. The student who went to find herself, and got so much more in return. She’s still there.


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