A Lover, Not a Fighter

Yesterday I shared on Twitter that each day you get the immense responsibility in choosing what it will be. You can either see the day as an obstacle to be overcome, holding a fighter’s mentality with it and seeing how you can be the victor. Or you can choose to see it as an opportunity, one that can be relished and fulfilling.

So much in life we find we want control and rarely have it. This one thing we do control, the choice we make in how we approach each day. It is amazing when you embrace the day full of opportunities instead of mounting obstacles. Because the day is just that, embraced. It is not fought against, or pulled at, it is enveloped by you.

It is also not just choosing at the start of your day but continuing to see the opportunity the day affords you. You have the opportunity to make someone’s day brighter, rather than darker. You can bring joy or you can bring aggravation. Ultimately that is your choice as you see your day unfold.

Photo courtesy of meganhelstone.com
Photo courtesy of meganhelstone.com

Life, for many of us, has taught us to be fighters. To fight for what we want, to fight for our way, to fight to have our voices heard. Maybe that is the greater issue. I was not created in the image of a fighter. I was created in the image of a Lover, a Creator, an Author…Yes He goes before me and fights for me, but that is a small part and it comes out of love, not the other way around.

I challenge you today to see your day not as something to be fought with, but to be loved. To love it for the opportunities it affords and the blessing of having it from the Lover of our souls, God. He’s given it today for us to have the choice of seeing as an opportunity, not as an obstacle.

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