My Namesake Moments.

I love the story of Sarah in the Bible. Not only because we share a name (albeit mine is without that pesky h) but there’s a bit of her personality in me…

God tells Abraham he will be the father of many nations. This truly isn’t a euphemism for something else. Abraham’s lineage will father countless nations, birth two religions that even today seem to be at odds with one another. He shares this with his wife, and for a while I believe Sarah was right there with him in that belief. But doubt crept in as the days, weeks and years passed. 20+ years pass and still Sarah remains childless. How does she respond? She takes matters into her own hands to get God moving on His promise.  (waves hand) Hi, matter-taker over here. When I have felt that God’s timing isn’t working for my schedule, I like to get in there and fidget with it. I put my hands on it, and take it back up off the altar where I have committed it to Him. I feel like I know better for myself and frankly, don’t trust God’s going to honor what He has said…eventhough He has never once reneged on a promise.

From Sarah’s example alone, I should trust God’s timing is not my own. His schedule is perfect and sure. When I get my own hands on His plan without His urging, all I do is create a mess. A mess I will have to then be responsible for long after God’s work in that area would have been complete.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

God shares a promise with her and her husband to give them a son, thus beginning the covenant promise to Abraham to make him the father of many nations. What does Sarah do when she hears it? She laughs to herself, and then questions the Lord’s will for her life. On more than one occasion I have laughed at what God has set in my path or shown me explicitly a peek at the plans He has for me. Then I have questioned Him. I have very openly questioned His own authority and sovereignty, His power and goodness within my own life. Then when He calls me on it, I try to back away from my actions of doubt.

You’d think I would have learned from my namesake alone to trust Him in all His promises. Regardless of my own strength or ability, He will accomplish what He sets out to do in the lives of His children, those whom He loves.

My namesake has alot to teach me about who I am in so many ways, as well as how God works in me and through me to accomplish His will. Too often I find that I believe I know what’s best for me. I can figure this out without consultation and regardless of what God has said He would do in His time. I believe I would fair much better in my relationship with God if I take a moment and learn the lessons of my namesake.

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