Peaceful Heart

On Instagram Saturday I hinted what I would be posting about today on the blog, but I have something on my heart to share. Don’t worry I’ll have that post up tomorrow…bbq nachos and all.

Four weeks into this challenge and you all have walked a road with me I didn’t think I would share. I was challenged daily to share a heart that was not only broken, but in pieces, and I couldn’t put them back together. Over these four weeks I have faced ugliness and the dark places of my own heart and mind. I have also seen the beauty of people speaking love and truth into my life in such a blessed way.

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I say all of this as I have been studying in Proverbs this month. It’s definitely not your “comfort food” part of the Bible. This last week I began to see what the two roads before me were, options I had not fully realized about my life. My heart sort of bottomed out on me at that point. It was weary and worn, trying to heal but still being torn in a million little pieces. In my study of Proverbs this verse jumped out at me last week and it all became so vibrantly clear as to where God was leading me.

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. (14:30)

That is when I knew my heart wasn’t at peace, causing my own body to have no life and to give no life to the greater body I am a part of in Christ. Another translation states a sound heart gives life to the body. I choose a heart at peace, a sound heart, over the strife and worry. A heart at peace brings life and how sweet that thought is to me. The contrast in rotting and life is so vivid to me now.It’s as if God pulled back the curtain on my broken heart and showed me the connections it was affecting, both inwardly and outwardly.

I pray that this heart at peace continues to give life, not only to me but to others. I pray that your heart today is sound, that it is giving life to you…to those around you…to the entire body. I pray you choose to not let envy rot you out. It causes an awful stink, and distances everyone from you.

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