Stop with the Stank Eye.

I had an encounter the other day with someone who truly rattled me. This individual criticized and tore down me as well as my work. Work that I do out of calling and passion. It’s not work to me, but that day it really felt that way. It had come at the tail end of a day where I just couldn’t take one more thing. I had been poured out and there was nothing left in me. Absolutely nothing.

They didn’t know this. What they had to say to me, what they needed to criticize was of utmost importance. It was their priority that day. Thankfully a mentor was able to adjust my viewpoint on how I was processing the verbal checklist of my failings and allowed me to see a bigger problem. One that I am very often guilty of as well.

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

We are all critics. With the ease of social media and blogs, we have become the foremost authorities on the what is right, how it should be done, and how you are doing it all completely wrong. And it only takes one criticism, just one to make us doubt our worth, ourselves, and our work. I found myself doing it just last night as I watched my Red Sox. I was yelling at the umpire for what I believed was the wrong pitch call. Granted he did not hear me a thousand miles away, but instead of focusing on all the good calls he made, I chose that one that hung just at the bottom of the strike zone on a Cardinals batter.

I know I have beat this dead horse on speaking love, but today…just for the moments when you feel the need to cut someone down. To cut down their work, their worth, or their walk in life…choose not to.

Instead of sharing bitterness, share joy.

Instead of shouting cut-downs, shout praise.

Instead of a critical eye, have a thankful heart.

Embrace an attitude of gratitude today, instead of an attitude of criticism.

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