The Reality of Life.

Yesterday I failed masterfully at my blog post. I could blame alot of things but truly I copped out. 31 days of writing is difficult, I cannot overstate that enough, and I applaud those who write professionally because it’s a tedious, draining piece of art. So no more cop-outs. Let’s get in to today’s post, k?


I think I could be accused of having whatever the opposite of delusions of grandeur is. The majority of those that know me or have worked with me in my profession can attest to this. I have seriously issues of what I lovingly refer to “realism” in my life. It finds a great partner in negativity and often pessimism joins in the club meetings.

I pushed hard for a couple of months to pursue writing more, and when life got a little too real and I was confronted with my own words, I stepped back. I started hearing the criticisms and voices direct my writing. I wrote from their place and not my own. It’s never good to write from someone else’s voice. Every writer will tell you it leads down a dark path to a very scary forest filled with doubt and fear.

Unexpectedly I had a friend email me and another encourage me over the last week in my writing. Writing that I felt was dry and forced because I just couldn’t drum it up. I couldn’t make the funny come and I couldn’t bring the cheer. I realized life isn’t always cheerful. There are days and weeks when the reality for many is just getting out of bed to do it again. Their cheer is found in surviving another day. Their joy is getting through a meeting without crying.

Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that life is real. It is difficult. There are moments when the smile is forced. There are days upon days that end in tears. There are weeks where rest won’t come. There’s no secret to gaining back the cheer or the joy. There’s no logic or understanding in it.

But there is one thing. One thing I know I can do in the realness, in the moments when phone calls leave you flustered and words do hurt. That is this:

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your path.

Proverbs 3:5-6

There is no adding to or taking away from that statement. There is simply living in it’s truth. I acknowledge Him in the days when joy just doesn’t seem to come, when life gets more real than I think I can handle. I acknowledge Him for what His work is and what He is doing to make straight my path.

2 thoughts on “The Reality of Life.

  1. Sara,

    This is beautiful and so very true. It took courage for you to be real with us. I think you will find that by stepping up first and admitting that even when we walk with God,there are still times when we feel the struggle of it all, you will have given others the opportunity to also be honest and real.


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