Singling Out Saturday #3

A common theme I see among singles, and in dating, is boundaries. The conversations, articles, and sermons I have experienced and read center on the need for them. We talk about that in so many facets of our lives, yet for many singles or those in dating relationships currently, the pressure resides to question all those boundaries.

Photo compliments of United Seed Fund.
Photo compliments of United Seed Fund.

Today on Singling Out Saturday’s third installment I wanted to share a quote from Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Boundaries, that impacted how I saw boundaries and values in my single life as well as my dating relationship.

I need to own my attitudes and convictions because they fall within my property lines. I am the one who feels their effect and the only one who can change them.

I am responsible for my convictions, and whether or not I hold to those in moments. Making decisions out of compulsion is not loving, and it ultimately breeds resentment. Where are your property lines when it comes to your values and convictions? Are you feeling the effects of a compromise of them currently?

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