The Christian Bachelor/Bachelorette?

Warning: The Soap Box was pulled out for today’s post.

As a single gal, over the years people have lovingly and good naturedly attempted to set me up with friends or relatives. While I appreciate the good intentions from it, I also find that to be a bit intrusive. They mean well, don’t get me wrong, but my personal dating life to some degree is just that, personal.

No where was it more obnoxious than in church.

Photo courtesy of Hyde Park Church
Photo courtesy of Hyde Park Church

I love the older, well-intentioned women at church who pull you aside and suggest better ways to “land you a man, darlin’.” Yes, this was actually done to me several years ago as I was volunteering with a Senior Adult group. I had a friend actually be urged by the Senior Pastor of the church to date a particular woman whom he had seen around the front office. For a single, commenting on our dating life (or lack thereof) is like me commenting on your parenting skills when I don’t have kids. Yes you have been single, but are you single currently? Do you know what other factors are affecting me personally?

I know this sounds harsh and is coming across very aggressive, but it’s a sensitive topic for me. Unless we are friends, and rather close friends at that, you don’t have the freedom to comment on my lack of a mate currently. The reason I am so on this today is that last week The Game Show Network announced that they had created a new show with Natalie Grant (I love her music and she lives right here in Nashville) as host. Here’s a run down of the gist of the show:

“The show will visit a church congregation from across the country every week to surprise one unsuspecting single member with the surprise news that they’re “about to be saved from the dating world.” The Pastor of the church will ask the congregation to help find the best possible matches for the lucky member and then the choice of who is “the” one has to be made. The member who brings the winning suitor will get a donation for the church.”

NO. Just NO. Frankly when did I need saving from the dating world? When did you, if you are single? I didn’t realize that I was so inept at hunting out a mate…I was over here, doing some kingdom work, growing in God. Who knew all the while my biggest concern was needing “saving” from the dating world?! (I am full of snark and irritation on this) I am sure there are those individuals who will participate on this show, but I cannot help but look at the mockery it is making of not only singles in the church, but the church’s function in the life of the Body of Christ.

The church isn’t the place for the Bachelor or Bachelorette to be filmed. It’s a place to find comfort, rest, and growth. It’s a place to find salvation from sin not from singleness. You can count me out of this game show, as well as being a part of a church that finds this okay.

3 thoughts on “The Christian Bachelor/Bachelorette?

  1. I agree with you to an extent. Fortunately, no one ever was too direct in trying to set me up although my mom and sisters were all proactive in suggesting guys to me. (I didn’t mind that.) I did meet my husband though from a suggestion of a friend of my sister. At the time, I was appreciative although thought it odd she took an interest in me finding a husband since I didn’t know her. But looking back, I’m grateful . . . since that is how I met my husband.

    You’re right though. The church is not or should not be a place where match making goes on. That’s not the purpose of church plus in my experience it helps reinforce the message that singles are not as important as those who are married.

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