No Shortcuts in Healing

Typically if I don’t leave the office at the exact right time, or within two-to-four minutes, it will add on about half an hour to my commute. Over time I have found shortcuts to get around the traffic in certain areas.

Photo property of Sara Stacy
Photo property of Sara Stacy

Yesterday as I was en route home I noticed alot of people taking the shortcut over to a side street to avoid the inevitable backup. When I took the “long way home” it ended up taking less time than the shortcut, partially because there wasn’t as much traffic, and also because there wasn’t as many turns and maneuvers I had to make. I was surprised to find myself home before I expected to be, and had about 15 extra minutes to get some things done around the house before starting dinner.

So often when we are yearning to heal we want to take shortcuts. We see a cut-through and grasp for it, thinking that will get us where we want to be sooner. It’s always about a by-pass to healing in order to not go through the hurt and heartache for longer than we can tolerate. I would even wager to say many of us wish we could go from breakup to dating again in the snap of the finger. And maybe that’s okay with you.

But for me, and what I bet many others will agree on, is that we need healing time. We need time to be real with ourselves, to reflect, to listen to God, and firmly heal in Him. We can take a quick left to get us where we want to be, but sometimes we find that we get re-routed, there’s more traffic, or it takes us longer than if we’d chosen the path before us. Believe me, there are moments and days I wish healing from a broken heart were easy. When I wish I could just turn right and be home sooner.

Ultimately I know that through patience (which I am learning is the key to my healing presently) God perfects that which was unperfect. He heals that which was broken. But it means walking that long path home with Him. It means fully relying upon Him and being completely honest with Him. It’s not like He doesn’t know my thoughts anyways…but there’s something comforting when you share out loud that you aren’t okay with how things went down before God. It’s okay to verbally vomit to God. It also means waiting, listening for a response.

Don’t be surprised when He gives you quiet. This is a time to heal…and to do so properly means there are no shortcuts.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  2 Peter 3:9

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