Out of the Dust…

Often after a breakup people crumble. I know I have before. However this time, since it was initiated by me, I don’t feel the crumbling…I do feel the innate sadness of seeing something end, especially a relationship. It’s a sadness creeps up unexpectedly. So many people expect a walking mess, but for whatever reason I am not it.

Photo courtesy of theberry.com
Photo courtesy of theberry.com

In this new season of life, I am seeing just how God is using newness and renewal to breathe life into this heart and these bones. I have a peace about it and am continually being comforted by family and friends in such an amazing way. The only thing I can pinpoint to explain is this song from Gungor, Beautiful Things. Out of the ugliness that was the end of this relationship with The Dude and the last five months of turmoil, God is making something beautiful in me. And as the lyric states:

You make me new, You are making me new…

I hope that whatever mess you are heading into, in the midst of, or coming out of that you see He is making things new in you from it. That out of the dust of the burned down feelings and bridges, God breathes life into the old bones.

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