Sovereign Sun…

Normally on Fridays I post my favorite somethings or someones. They range from birthday gifts to things to know it’s Christmas. Today I want to take a bit of a different turn.

Last night I had the privilege to see Chris Tomlin in concert, thanks to Amy who knows his bass player and cowriter. I don’t think I have ever needed worship and time with God like I did last night. I know I am not alone in that sentiment either, as I saw many in the arena in awe of God filling them and being among us. It was a truly special time…While Chris was playing one song on the piano, about God’s sovereignty I had a thought roll into my head. I felt the urge to share it here with you all today…

Photo property of Sara Stacy
Photo property of Sara Stacy

As many of you know I love sunrises. I think my soul craves them. It may be the cause of my early birdness that developed in graduate school. One of my pastor mentor’s once said that he enjoyed them while he could because in heaven there would be no passing of time with sunrises or sunsets.

But every morning that I see the sun rise, regardless of where I am, I breathe a bit lighter. I wrap up in the comfort that with the dawning of the new day comes new mercies from God. By the end of the day though, when life has thrown so much at me and worn me down, I forget that sunrise and I forget those mercies are new. So last night while Chris played this song, God whispered:

I am the same God

at the dawning of a new day

and in the midst of the night.

And today I carry that knowledge…I pray you do as well.

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