Throwback Thursday

Over on Instagram, today people are posting old pictures of themselves. I tend to postsome rather embarrassing ones because I actually have a good self-image and frankly it was the early 90s, we all looked bad. If you have Instagram, find me over there and request to view my photos…

Photo property of Sara Stacy
Photo property of Sara Stacy

So in the spirit of that I wanted to throwback to a topic I had addressed early on in this blog. I talked alot about a servant’s heart and the need to be doing for others in order to feel fulfillment. In order to contribute to the loving of others.

Lately I haven’t been serving, and it’s been bothering me. I did not renew my leadership position with the small group I had in the spring, as I am at a new church. But now I feel that tug to serve. To be in the midst of loving others so much that I put off my own concerns and carry the burdens of others, just as Galatians 6 calls us to do. I can say I am too busy, but the fact remains that I control my schedule for the most part. I choose what does and does not go on there, and for a while now giving time, energy, and love to others hasn’t been blocked out on my Outlook calendar.

So that’s my challenge on this Throwback Thursday…to find exactly where I need to serve and do it. I challenge all of you as well to get out from behind the computers, put away the busyness and the hustle for a couple of hours, and serve. Serve in your community, your church, your neighborhood. Be someone who extends the love outward and pours it out on others…as I said yesterday this world is filled with far too much ugliness already, as Christians we are called to reflect His love, whether we feel like it or not.

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