Cleanliness is next to…

As I sit typing, my dishwasher is slightly ajar and only half emptied of the clean dishes from the last cycle. The bathrooms need cleaning, and the trash has to be taken out before I head off to work. If I think too long on it, I might have a mild panic attack. Of all the things that should get done but haven’t yet.

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Truth be told, I really hate cleaning bathrooms. Actually I hate scrubbing the showers. I think it goes back to when I was a kid. My chore was dusting the main areas of the house, my parents’ room, and my room. I earned $20 bi-monthly for that chore, and keeping my room somewhat clean. My sister was responsible for vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. Now we both hate cleaning them, and we both have five between the two of us to clean.

While I was procrastinating sweeping and mopping on Saturday, a thought occurred to me. I was so much more gung-ho about my chores when I knew there was a reward for it. Then softly I heard a whisper within say “Your reward is this home.” I have to say that floored me.I gripe and complain about having to do this all alone, and yet God reminded me that this is a gift.

Many people would give anything to have a home to clean…and here I am complaining about having to unload the dishwasher myself. Yes there are things I wish I could change, and yes there are days I wish I could afford to pay someone else to clean my home (but let’s be honest, I am persnickety when it comes to certain things). But I do have the privilege, and the gift, to care for my home in the proper way. I do have to be a good steward of what He has blessed me with. Often I forget that when it comes to my home, or my car…and I thank Him for the subtle reminder of giving thanks, even when covered in dust from cleaning.

It’s funny that God can remind you in the simplest and most random of ways of His unending faithfulness and blessings on your life.

One thought on “Cleanliness is next to…

  1. I really can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post. I really don’t know why I hate to clean, but the focus was so different.

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