Five Favorite Fall Friday

With fall Having ushered itself in last week, I thought today’s top five Friday would be the perfect time to talk about my favorite things of fall.

1. Boots. My word how I love some boots. Ankle ones, knee ones, cowboy ones. Whatever the style boots are quite possibly my favorite thing about fall. They are made for walking…

So can't have just one bag.
So good…you can’t have just one bag.

2. White Chocolate Candy Corn M & Ms. Seriously. Who ever invented these I could hug you and slap you! They are maddeningly addictive, and I dare you to not eat the bag in a couple of days. I have already gone through two bags (oh hey extra hours at the gym!) this season.

My pumpkin last Halloween
My pumpkin last Halloween

3. Pumpkins. Now if you will notice I didn’t say pumpkin flavored things, but pumpkins. I love pumpkins in general. I like all sizes, carved, painted, you name it. And while I do love pumpkin flavored things, I love those orange (or blue or pink) round veggies so much more!

4. The leaves changing. I have lived in Tennessee the majority of my life and there is no place I’d rather be in fall than here. The leaves changing color is the best sight to behold. From now until early November in east Tennessee, the whole sky is lit up with the fiery reds and oranges of the trees changing colors.

5. Corn mazes and fruit patches. Also a staple in Tennessee is the ability to check out corn mazes or pick your own fruit this time of year. Apples and berries are everywhere…and of course the pumpkin patches too! There are some great corn mazes in Tennessee, and they get super creative with their design.

Worth mentioning: Hot apple cider, the smell of wood burning, mellowcreme pumpkins and football (but let’s be real I’m a Southern girl and football is a way of life not a “thing”)


So what are some of your favorite things about fall? Share below for a giveaway of a Starbucks gift card!

5 thoughts on “Five Favorite Fall Friday

  1. Ahhhh I love all of these. Last night I looked at my boot collection and thought of how nuts I was for having so many! Also, I am obsessed with candy corn. And pumpkin spice coffee (not lattes!). And totally hayrides. And the crisp air. And how new everything feels. Can you tell it’s my favorite season?! πŸ™‚

  2. I love boots and scarves and pumpkins and the crisp air and candy corn. I love to walk down the side walk and crunch the leaves. I love the cool mornings and warm afternoons. I love homecoming parades and chili.

    Fall is pretty much everything I love!

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