Now and Then…

Being single, I hear alot of stories from people on how they met their spouse or significant other. They share where they met, who introduced them, and what their dating relationship was like. Most often, I love hearing those stories. The butterflies and googly eyes, the initial questions of when to tell the other “I love you” and so on. I value those stories as they often strike a chord in the romantic part of myself.

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The threat to those stories, and what inevitably will happen when I am dating someone, is that I begin questioning why our story in the relationship isn’t reading just like another couple’s. I go to a place of comparing my current relationship’s now with another duo’s then, regardless of whether it was five or fifty years ago.

It even holds true in my own life as a single. I have some amazing single friends, but I catch myself if I am not careful comparing my now to their then of even several months ago. Whether that’s their walk in Christ or their profession. I want to look at my now and wonder why it’s not their then.

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So I wonder today, why I would want to live in someone else’s past (or even my own) instead of the gift of now? It’s awfully tempting to live in someone else’s story than to risk the creation of your own. Enjoy your now today, and put a stop to looking at the thens.




For more on comparison and joy thieving, check out a post I wrote this summer here.

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