31 Days…

I am joining up with hundreds of other writers and bloggers from across the world in October for the 31 days of writing. I am terrified of this but I am ultimately very excited about this challenge. After completing two rounds of the Start Experiment, I got in a funk.

For 31 days, I will be writing on Single Gal Living. Because it’s too awesome to categorize. In the faith, In the struggle. In the stress. In the joy. In the crafting. In Scripture. In it all. (and a cast of characters)

photo owned by Sara Stacy
photo owned by Sara Stacy

Join me. I promise it’ll be interesting.

Day 1: When September Ends…

Day 2: Now and Then

Day 3: Here a Phone, There a Phone

Day 4: Five Favorite Fall Friday

Day 5: Singling Out Saturday

Day 6: Sharing Sunday

Day 7: Single Steward

Day 8: Cleanliness is next to…

Day 9: Let Your Words Be Life

Day 10: Throwback Thursday

Day 11: Sovereign Sun

Day 12: Singling Out Saturday #2

Day 13: Sharing Sunday #2

Day 14: 70 x 7

Day 15: Out of the Dust

Day 16: No Shortcuts in Healing

Day 17: The Christian Bachelor/Bachelorette?

Day 18: Top Five Friday-Hikes

Day 19: Singling Out Saturday #3

Day 20: Sharing Sunday #3

Day 21: The Beginning…Again

Day 22: The Reality of Life

Day 23: Obedient in Friendship

Day 24: Stop with the Stank Eye

Day 25: Five Friday Favorites: Songs of the Moment

Day 26: Singling Out Saturday #4

Day 27: Sharing Sunday #4

Day 28: Peaceful Heart

Day 29: Traveling Solo

Day 30: My Namesake Moments

and…Day 31: Your Life is a Legacy.

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