Find You In the Place I’m In

As I sit I am watching the morning sky come alive with the sun. I see the hope of a new day, of new mercies that can only come from God. I am watching Him breathe life and hope into this day. That is something the last few weeks has been hard to see.

Photo property of Sara Stacy
Photo property of Sara Stacy

I have found myself in this place of ugliness. Of stooping to the level of pettiness and spitefulness just like the individual who was the main source of strife for several months. I had honestly contemplated this morning posting up all the evidence of what this person has done and said all in name of justice and truth. I wanted to prove my rightness and finger point.

However seeing rather haphazardly these verses caused me to stop and reconsider my ways, my attitude.

Incline my hear to Your testimonies, and not to covetousness. Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.    Psalms 119:36-37

I realized that I had been inclining myself to the words of the devil, to the lies and brokenness that the devil uses. It was making me an ugly, bitter person. A person who in all honesty was weary from the battle. A battle that is not mine to wage.

Instead of seeking my own brand of justice, I am choosing to lift my eyes to the One who created me and revel in Him. I am turning my mind to His Word instead of the devil. God’s way leads to life, an abundant one at that and why would I forsake that for some words on a screen or in my inbox?

I found God in the place I am in, as He always is. I found Him when I turned my eyes from others words and dug into His. Because each day I can be filled with the hope, love and mercy that He erupts forth with, or I can reflect the ugliness of the words the devil attacks with. I pray today you dwell in His truth and not someone else’s, that you choose God over the devil and you find a comfort and peace in where He’s meeting you. In the place you are in. Wherever that may be.

I am sharing this video today as it’s been a dwelling place of my heart for the last few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Find You In the Place I’m In

  1. I’m proud of you, Sara. It’s a difficult place to come to where you accept that what is being tossed at you are lies of the devil, and that you’ve been giving into them. I’m proud of you for choosing to bring this turmoil in your heart to our Father. It doesn’t make any of it easier, but for me, I find it tremendously comforting to be reminded that He IS in the place we are in. God is amidst the brokenness and when we find Him there, it’s like finding your platoon when you got separated during the last air raid. There is someone to welcome you and to fight the war along side you, and when you are wounded, to fight for you, while you remain still. (Exodus 14:14). Love ya friend!

  2. Sara,
    I always enjoy reading your blogs. You are so talented and I am extremely proud of the young woman that you are and what you stand for. I know God will continue to bless you.

    Love you!


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