Top Five Friday-Fair Fun

So the Tennessee State Fair opens today, and I am looking forward to going this weekend. I grew up in an area that had a fair every year around the time we went back to school (and a certain race) . I loved it, and we went every year. There’s one very prominent memory of needing to potty but we had already gotten back to the car (which was in a field) and mom wasn’t about to trek back in so I could pee. So we made a makeshift private bathroom with car doors and someone standing in front of me.

You’re welcome for that story on a Friday.

So here we go…my top five favorite things about fairs.

1. The Fried Things. I mean really…who doesn’t love deep fried stuff? From Oreos to Snickers to Banana Pudding on a Stick (yes you read that right). So I’ll be watching what I eat all day before heading there tomorrow.

2. The Rides. I am a ride fanatic, and I miss Dollywood badly now that I live in Nashville. But the trick is to enjoy this before enjoying #1…trust me on this. Although I don’t do the ferris wheel. I have ridden it once and will never ever get on another one thankyouverymuch.

Photo owned by Sara Stacy
Photo owned by Sara Stacy

3. The People You Go With. I do love my friends and family but it takes a special group to go to the fair. They have to have a sense of humor and enjoy the fun that is the fair. If you go with the wrong people, you’ll be done in an hour and sad that you missed out on the fun factor. I have been lucky enough to enjoy the fair year after year with some amazing people, who get my sense of humor too.

4. The Races. Oh goodness. They have monkey-on-a-collie races. They have duck races. They have pig races. You name it, I am game for it. LOOOOOOOOVE them.

5. The Pageant. We stumbled upon this phenomenon last year at the Wilson County Fair…the pageant circuit. I cannot lie, I was enthralled by it. I mean it was like the show Toddlers and Tiaras was playing out right in front of me. I could not look away. I am pretty sure I got some evil looks from parents when I giggled at their children flouncing about the stage in their satin and bows. I sure hope the Tennessee State Fair has one too.


So what’s your favorite thing about the Fair? Do you have a Fair where you live? Do you go? Share below! I promise to post photos of the awesomeness post-Saturday night.


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