Crafternoon Delight

So I realize this is a late post, but hey, better late than never right?

I love crafting. Like LOVE LOVE it. I enjoy trying to figure out how to make things and then putting my own touch on them. I have made a side table, art and gifts for others. Alot of things usually that I decorate with at Christmas are things I make.

So I have been on a hunt for a fall wreath for my front door. Something simple that I could potentially leave up til Halloween. I searched and searched and could not find anything I was just having to have. So I figured out how I could make what I wanted, for not much monies.

Photo owned by Sara Stacy
Photo owned by Sara Stacy

So here’s the final product! I must say I do love it. I have had a couple of people ask about me making them one, and the cost. With supplies and being able to pick out your own color scheme, I am proud to say I am accepting orders!  I am currently charging $17 plus shipping for the wreath. Leave your comment below if interested (with an email where I can contact you).

Do you craft? If so, share your blog or crafternoon delight below!

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