Discipline and Distraction

I am the worst at distractions. Or at least I feel that I am. I can have every good intention of getting something done, and then remember I still have a season left of Doctor Who that needs watching.

Photo courtesy of wordpress blog.
Photo courtesy of wordpress blog.

Now more than ever our society, our culture, has more excuses for distraction than any other generation. Distractions have a way into our lives that they didn’t before. I fear that we allow them to waltz right in and continue to off-set us. They quickly take our time and attention away from things that matter. Suddenly we turn around and we’re miles into the forest, off the trail, and completely lost.

I have been dwelling in Psalm 119 lately and find over and over again the psalmist is confronted with distractions, with attacks and battles. While we cannot control what others do to us, we can control how we choose to react, if we choose to react and whether our time gets devoted to dwelling on it or not. The theme that I am finding in response to the attacks, and distractions, is digging deeper into God’s Word.

When we are confronted with the option of the distraction, do you give into it or focus intently on the Lord? Verse 161 says that though they persecute him, he will stand in awe of God’s word. Do you stand? Is it in awe of Him? Or is it in prideful resistance?

More and more I am finding when the distractions come, and they come often, they give me pause to return to God’s Word. They remind me that I am His child and my foundation is found in Him, not someone or something else. View your distractions, those times of attacks perceived or real, to be reminders to go before God instead of to the source of the distraction. It will keep you out of the forest and on the path God has set for you.

One thought on “Discipline and Distraction

  1. Sara:

    i want to apologize to you for causing such grief. You are not and never were my enemy either is Neal. I have been acting out of hurt and frustration which is and should have been between Neal and I (and it will stay between Neal and I). I am deeply sorry for all I have caused you. I am also deeply embarrassed by my actions, this is not the person I am at all. I do not expect you to believe me but I am truly sorry for everything. I do consider myself a Christian but this is not the behavior of one, I allowed the devil to work his ways with me. I have had to really look strongly at my faith and trust in God to help me through this.
    I wish I could take everything back and for future you wont hear from me.
    If I may give you a compliment, you are a strong woman and you are a very good writer. I actually dont troll your blog as you call it, I actually enjoy your postings but I will stop viewing them.

    If you can please accept my apology, I have allowed another persons behavior to control my life and turn me into a very ugly person and i know this is not who I ever thought I would become.



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