My Flesh May Fail, My God You Never Will

The heart has a tendency to covet-it is a character trait (or flaw) of man and the sin that entered at the Fall. The heart leans toward, in even the smallest of ways, covetousness. From what seems to be harmless thoughts of “I wish I had her hair” to the treacherous path of “I wish I had her husband,” our heart is a coveting beast.

Don’t mistake what I am saying, in that I don’t believe that every instance leads to that. However it is a slippery slope once we start, and if we aren’t careful it could lead to an ugly place.

Taming the beast requires time, energy and persistence. Often in this age of fast food, instant responses, and rushing around we don’t see an immediate change in our mindset or heart-set and therefore we deem it a failure. When it gets hard or we feel challenged, the tendency is to give in because I am too weak. The truth is you are, and so am I.

I boast in those weaknesses all the more, just as Paul did. (2 Corinthians 12:9) In it, in that weak powerless part of my heart, His strength and power is made perfect. After all, my heart is not my own and it hasn’t been for quite some time. So why not allow His power to course through instead of my own failings and covetings?

I wanted to share this song from Elevation Worship that speaks to the heart.

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