Haters Gonna Hate.

Photo courtesy of Chris Delorenzo
Photo courtesy of Chris Delorenzo

I am learning that no matter where you go in life you’re going to bump into haters. Maybe it’s a coworker who for whatever their own reason is, they don’t like you. Maybe it’s the guy you broke up with, who holds a grudge and wishes you ill will. Maybe it’s even that person behind you in traffic who wishes you’d have blown through that light so they could’ve too.

For whatever season, whatever stage, I am finding haters abound…and often strike out when you least expect it. For a while I wondered how to appease them…how could I smooth things over and gain their approval? I attempted to apply rational logic and thought to ways I could mend whatever rift had been caused.

Then I finally stopped and realized it’s not about me at all. It’s about them. It’s about the things they cannot have or the things they cannot be. They strive to cut down that which they wish they could be pursuing-their dream for example. They lash out at something they wish they had-a happy, healthy relationship for instance. Instead of using the energy and time given to them for good, for serving others and loving others, they allow hate to consume them. A hate that is fueled by anger, jealousy, and gossip.

It’s a scary, ugly thing to be a hater. To be consumed by that much bitterness and strife. To constantly be focused on someone else’s life instead of chasing after the good in their own life. So today, don’t give haters space in your life. Don’t read the review on Amazon they wrote. Don’t stress over the Tweet…Look at the crowd of supporters. Revel in those who support and encourage. Because when we give space for the haters, soon enough we’ll be consumed with them as well.

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