Joy Thief

I have to say for the most part I haven’t really compared who I am or the life I lead to others. I don’t sit and pine away for the life of celebrities in magazines or on television. For a while I did think the news anchors had a sweet gig, but that’s about as far as it got. I don’t sit and look at my colleagues at other places and wish I had that office or that promotion. I am just not the person who strives to keep up with the Joneses or Pitts. I have a blessed life that I am truly grateful for.

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I have written previously about loving pieces of others-things I wish I could attain like a healthier outlook on my writing or shrinking my mancalves. Don’t get me wrong on this, I appreciate the beauty in others, their lives and their stories. However just as that quote states, if I continue down the comparison path, I will find discontent with the life I have.

I am just as unique as you are, as every one else is, therefore my path-my life-is unique to me. Why would I want someone else’s anything when I have the knowledge God has blessed me with everything He knows I can be responsible for? The Creator of all trusts me with exactly what I have-nothing less, and nothing more. (Let’s be honest, I sometimes manage to screw up even that.)

How is that for your joy? How is that for my satisfaction?

Maybe right now you are comparing your single life to a married one? Or let’s switch it, and say you are comparing your married life to a single person’s? Maybe you’re looking at someone who has this great boyfriend and you wish you had someone like that in your own life. Carry the knowledge you are meant for today. Exactly where you are. With exactly what you have. He wouldn’t have it any other way. So why should you?

“…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11

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