You Are More Than…

We have a new employee in the office that started this week. Another colleague was talking with her yesterday and I happened to overhear her say “Oh I just teach guitar lessons.” Thankfully someone else piped up across the hall saying “You don’t just teach guitar…” and began rattling off her many accolades as an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer.

That got me thinking…as oft happens in these kinds of conversations. Why do we justify ourselves when we talk about what we are doing or what our job is? Over and over I hear it:

I am just a stay at home mom

I just write on the side

I am just a single person

I just nanny

I just have a high school diploma

You are more than that. You are more than a job title or a hobby. More than a passion or dream. Why do we feel the need to put just in front of anything? When we use just we justify our fears, our shortcomings, and our insecurities. We downplay who we are in an effort to not be intimidating to others. To not make them feel less than, when in reality we are the ones making ourselves less than.

In truth, we are more than and we need to celebrate that. We need to encourage and support that, and more than anything, we need to stop just-ing ourselves.


I know I have shared this before, but I want to share Tenth Avenue North’s More Than again for you and for me today.

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