Birthday Dinner.

Last year I posted on the things I wanted for my birthday. So this year, given the increase of the importance of conversation and writing and experiences of life in general, I have decided that I would like to offer up the dinners I would like to have with groups of people. You know that whole game of 5 People, Dead or Alive, You’d Have Dinner With? Well, here’s my spin.

1. The Foodie People.
This dinner would be the chefs I admire, respect, and cook from quite often. Hosea Rosenberg is still there, cause he’s Hosea and I still want to experience a conversation with this dude. The other four would be Ree Drummond (seriously, this woman is like a heart sister), Brandon Frohne of Nashville’s Masons, Stephanie Izard of Girl and the Goat fame, and Tom Colicchio (because, why not?!). Three of these are Top Chef people and that is one of my favorite shows ever, so you’ll just have to deal with it. Would I cook? Heck no. I think we’d do a potluck of their favorite dish, or maybe we’d hit up Au Cheval in Chicago because I still dream of that place at times.

2. The Famous People
This one would be the people I count to be famous from work in film and television. Melissa McCarthy, basically because she’s awesome and who wouldn’t invite her to dinner?! Kristen Bell would be my next obvious choice because of how much I adore her, and her love for sloths. James Franco would have an invite because I feel like he would be incredibly articulate to have dinner with alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. I like a good balance of humor and wit, and those four seem to have that filled in nicely. My only other addition would be Ian Somerhalder, simply because he’s dreamy to look at. He’s an environmental activist and cares about the animal population, so don’t get me wrong when I say he’s pretty.

3. The Writing Group
I read…alot. I have a ton of authors I am a huge fan of. They range from young adult fiction to religion to education and back to the classics. For the most part though I have a handful that I would invite to dinner, preferably at a big farmhouse table to discuss writing over a homemade pizza and salad combo finished off with a superbly made cheesecake. (I dream of the perfect pairings often) With this group you’d find Beth Moore and Shauna Niequist. These two are recent changes due to reading their books for the first time. Two remarkable women with incredible visions on the life of women. I’d throw in Brene Brown for good measure, as I’d love to have her in this discussion anytime. My next would be Susan Komives. She’s a leadership in education expert and has some amazing stories to share that lead into discussions that I have only truly had in her company. Finally I would have to have Charlotte Bronte. I have always wanted to sit down with her and chat. I think she’d be surprised by the group of women around the table and possibly inspired to write another tale.

4. The Music Group
You knew this one would happen…if you know me at all. The hard part is narrowing it down to just five because I think, at any given point, I could have over 20 musicians. For now, here’s my list of invitees to a hearty five course meal including something off the grill and a berry tart. Bear Rinehart of Needtobreathe is at the top of my list. Alongside Otis Redding, Bonnie Raitt, Adam Levine, and Ellie & Drew Holcomb (they are a couple and therefore count as one!). This reflects a little of my eclectic taste in music.

5. The Friend Group This one I was saving for last…this is a group that makes up the heart people in my life that I don’t see very often, if at all. It’s the people I would want hours of creating a meal for and then hours of enjoying it over a big table, a fireplace, and a cold night. The setting looks more like a cabin than my house, and I love that feeling it gives. I would include Brooke, my closest girlfriend from college, whom I’ve seen twice since we graduated but it’s always like it’s just been yesterday. My best guy friend from college, Jeff, because we do see one another more frequently it’s still not the same. Life has grown and changed us both and I look forward to hearing his stories of new memories. Brett would have to get an invite simply because he’s the logical one of the group, most days, and works his tail off for so many months of the year that we hardly see him. Dan, the guy I had a massive crush on in college, but who became a friend. He’s a dad and husband now, and he’s the happiest I have ever seen him. I’d like to have him at the table with this motley crew. Lastly I’d bring in JP. I cannot believe we’ve stayed in touch for so long, but he’s the guy who makes me cackle laugh and then question his morals. He’s a dear friend whom I never would have thought would befriend the lowly baseball intern, but he did…and made my experience a blast.


Who would you invite to dinner? What would you make and where would it be?

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