The Sun Gonna Rise…

I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises. If you’ve ever seen my photography shots, many are of one or the other. I have this fascination with seeing how God paints the earth at the start and end of a day. This morning, as I was journeying into a new devotion, I was reminded of the gasp of the beauty that a sunrise brings.

Photo property of Sara Stacy
Photo property of Sara Stacy

For me, a sunrise often brings the reminder of new mercies each day. Newness and hope surround a sunrise. Often it’s met with struggle to get out of my bed or turn off the music blaring from my alarm. More often the sunrise is taken for granted that it will be there. The last few days in Nashville the rain has felt like it won’t stop…and the sun hasn’t been there. We have all craved after it, just a peek and it was not there.

Those days I saw how much I crave a peek at God in the times I fear the deluge won’t stop. When the world just gets to be too much on life, and all I want is that look at the Son. And I feel He’s not there…He’s deciding to allow the rain to pour in life. That’s when I need to remember Psalm 8. God is majestic in all things. He’s given us…man…a gift of remembering us, of giving us dominion over all things, of being His reflection.

Today I am thankful for the sunrise, for seeing a reminder that my God is a remembering me…and I will cling to that in the times when I cannot see the Son. When I cannot feel the sun shining upon my face. For even in those moments, His majesty is still present.

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