Stop Creepin’.

That moment when you find your most recent ex on Facebook. He’s got another woman in his picture, or a mutual friend comments “Congratulations!” on a photo of a hand, with a large, aptly placed ring on a finger.

In this day and age of social media, I truly believe it’s easier than ever to keep up with friends from years ago across countries and nations. I also believe it’s alot harder to let go of your past and insecurities. Even as late as my college years, I could date someone andwe’d break up…and I honestly wouldn’t see him that often unless we had a class together. I wouldn’t get the smack of rejection or defeat, of the voice of my insecurity coming screaming back at me unless I ran into him haphazardly out in public. Going to a large state school, that wasn’t usually happening too often.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post
Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

With the joy of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s all too easy to access information about that last person you dated. And his new girlfriend. Or her weekend away to meet his folks (speaking for all you guys out there). It’s easy to mistake that for being a snub to you, feeling as if they are flaunting every bit of your insecurity in your face.

I have been there, trust me…it’s a slippery slope when you start creeping on Facebook or Twitter. You think, Oh I’ll just give it a quick look-see, and then I’ll know I am better off than he is right now. Then you see the new fun times being had with a girl who looks better (or worse possibly) than you do. Or you see his friends commenting on how greatthey are together. I honestly believe that swings open a door for the devil to tempt you into believing his lies of insecurity and doubt. I have had countless conversations with ladies about the lies they believe about themselves when they see a picture or a status update that has nothing to do with them.

I know it’s difficult to let go, and it’s easier to just creep on over daily (or even hourly for some that I have spoken to) “just to see” or even to send a message to them…or attempt to be friends with them again. There’s a reason they have moved on to someone else. Or even if they are alone and you’re popping over to check in on them, it’s unhealthy. It leads down a very steep path, and if you aren’t careful it could begin to control you. The drama. The stirred up emotions and hostilities. The lies spiraling inward.

Beth Moore states it so well, “We don’t have to love something for it to become a god to us. All we have to do is devote our most valuable mental attentions to it.” Don’t let it be your god today. Don’t give it any more mental attention that it has already taken from you. You are far too valuable to allow another person to trip up your security or confidence.

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