Love Actually

I have strayed away from talking about love on this blog because I fear, and rightfully so, it will be misconstrued or applied to your situation. What I write on isn’t about another person or relationship, it is a very raw glimpse into my own heart and beliefs. It is where I stand in 30+ years of living, learning, and experiencing. I have had heartache in all kinds of relationships and situations, yet I somehow still forget the model of love in my life.

I have been ruminating (it’s my favorite word, y’all) on the expectations of love and the reality of it recently. Many times I feel like I have looked at love as this large, homogenous emotion that blocks all hurt and stress from life. It eases all things and ultimately comes packaged in a nice box with a bow.

The reality of that is love isn’t at all like that. Love is overwhelming, yes…but it’s intricate and risky. It moves you to question yourself and all your experiences. It leaves you joyful and hurt. It brings pain more often and it does cause stress…but I am reminded of that love, that BIG awesome love of God. How that is the perfect picture of love in my life and what a comfort that is for me.

David Crowder crafts the best picture of this in my mind and my heart with his song “How He Loves.” Ultimately His love is like a hurricane, and I am merely a tree…I bend beneath the weight and magnitude of it.

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