“You’re My Favorite Mom.”

I have a pretty great mom. I think y’all should know that. For years and years, I didn’t.

sara1989I was a contentious child, to say the very least. I know that now, believe me, I do. I pushed buttons and directed the majority of it towards my mom…the one person who probably loved me the most during that time. Now that I’m older and a wee bit wiser, I recognize it wasn’t easy raising me (and my sister) as pretty much a single mom. My dad wasn’t really around much for the parenting part of our childhood, and mom put up with alot…and prayed through so much. The older I get the more I see just how amazing she is, and was for the years I took for granted.

Mother’s Day is hard for my mom. Her mom isn’t here to celebrate it with us anymore, and we lost her around Mother’s Day six years ago. I got angry with God for taking Mother’s Day from my mom like that, who so deserves to be celebrated. I know my mamaw is celebrating a healed body in heaven with my papaw and many others, but I still got angry that mom couldn’t even have Mother’s Day.

So often we, who have our moms or who are moms, take it for granted…and that is mom 5.13.2013something I realized this weekend as it was spent with my mom. The hurt is masked in those days when moms are celebrated and gifted with roses and photos, shout-outs and hugs. I have a friend who just gave birth and sits beside her daughter in the NICU praying for healing. This Mother’s Day wasn’t spent how she thought it would be. I have friends who have lost a child and know the pain that Mother’s Day brings with those memories. And I have my mom, who cannot celebrate Mother’s Day without the pain of the loss of her mom.

Today on the Monday following Mother’s Day, I celebrate those who are in pain of a loss of a mother or child…who are hurting and needing comforting because they cannot conceive…and for those who don’t have a mom in their life. I pray for each of you and for the comfort and knowledge that you are loved today to envelope you.


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