Summer is coming…

There are days I wish I was still single.
I said that in jest to a friend a couple of weeks ago. Three and a half months have gone by in this crazy thing I call a relationship with The Dude. I was feeling very overwhelmed about my life as I grown quite use to the singleness when he was catapulted into it. My friend, as lovingly she could, told me I was wrong and to hush up. (That’s Southern for shut it)

The reason I said those words was that I couldn’t manage where a relationship fit into a schedule I had known for quite some time. It was my schedule and I liked it that way far too easily. Adding in the additional pressure of getting to know and consequently fall for someone was not on the Outlook calendar for this winter. And yet, that’s where I stood…

I look back over my shoulder and wonder where winter went. I laugh that its been four of the craziest months as finals ended and students are heading out for summer. For this Christian female its been tough…you see, I listened too well to the “get used to singleness” stuff on blogs, in books, and at church. What I didn’t hear or read was how to be a girlfriend. There’s an in-between that I often think we shy away from in the Christian world. You’re either single and you’d better learn to live with it, or you are married and learning to love it.

But there’s a dating world…one that may or may not lead to an aisle and a picket fence (if that’s your thing, I’m more of a Pinterest garden makeover myself). This world is tough…where you walk the line of heartbreak and second chances, grace and understanding. Maybe I’ve been listening to the wrong sermons, small groups and reading all the wrong content, but I think it’s time for us ladies to be real about dating through the lens of faith.

Winter is over, summer is coming…

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