Start On Your Road to Awesome. (a book review and giveaway!)

“When it comes to figuring our where we’re headed in life, [we] never stop to ask the acuffsimple question, ‘Where am I?'”

That is in the first chapter of the new book, Start, from Jon Acuff. If you’re a regular to the blog, or follow me on Twitter, then you know I’m a supporter of Jon. From Stuff Christians Like to the Quitter Conference, I believe in what Jon is doing as a writer, author, and human. He has a drive and passion to encourage others to pursue their own dreams just as he did.

394399_10101002715162665_1030054131_nUnlike other books in the arena of dreaming and believing, Jon doesn’t fluff it up with haughty hopes of the process being easy or overnight. The overnight successes are rare, anomalies, outliers if you want to push towards Malcolm Gladwell’s thinking. In Start, Acuff shows you where average leads, and for some that’s okay. For those that are reading this book though, you’re not looking for average. You are seeking to flip that switch to AWESOME.

Throughout the book, he provides a map of the land of awesome if you will. Now that you know you want to be awesome, grab the map and get to hustlin’. I’m not 20, you say. Neither am I. Neither are most of the people who I have seen at the Quitter Conference or talked to about Jon’s influence in their passion-pursuing. The last time I checked, that dream you carry doesn’t have a timer on it. But the longer you carry that passion without any pursuit of it? The more it turns from a passion to a burden…one you start to look at with disdain and discomfort.

When you set off on this path that Acuff maps throughout Start, remember it’s an adventure. It won’t be predictable, and that’s what he cautions readers about. “Let’s leave room on our maps for some surprises,” Acuff states. Isn’t that the fun in life? It’s also the scary…and I think if you are on the edge of pursuing a dream this book will be honest in it’s reality of the hardness of Awesome, but it will also be an encouragement that you can actually start the pursuit.

Action points follow the book and reference many of the Acuff wisdoms from the chapters themselves. Today you can take control of one thing…the starting line. Where do you plan to start from?


I want to encourage you all in your pursuits, as I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Tonight I will be seeing Jon speak at Kairos in Nashville and plan to get an autographed copy of Start to give away to one lucky reader. I don’t give away many books, in fact none at all, until this one. That’s how much I believe in this book. What are you wanting to START on? Let me know below, as well as your email. One lucky reader will get the autographed copy!

8 thoughts on “Start On Your Road to Awesome. (a book review and giveaway!)

  1. I wish Jon was coming to Iowa, but that is not happening (at least anytime soon). Would love an autographed copy of the book! One of the things I am planning on starting is not disappointing the wrong people. I think too many times in my life I have disappointed the people that mean the most to me as I try to win and that is not how I will advance on the road to awesome.

    I am also going to start asking the second question!


    1. Joshua,
      Jon was pretty excited when I told him last night at the Nashville book signing you had won. 🙂 I’ll be emailing you for your address to mail it off to you. Congrats, and I hope it will be an encouragement to you to start on the road to awesome!!

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