Green with Envy.

I enjoy hiking. Let me quantify that, I enjoy moderate hiking. It is not so much the hike that I take value from, but the things I discover along the way. Over the last month, as the weather has turned to Spring-like conditions, opportunities have abounded to start work on a summer goal of mine. Three state parks have been crossed off my middle-Tennessee list to visit already, and each experience was vastly different. Twice I have had The Dude joining me, as we begin to check out each other’s hobbies and passions a little more. Yesterday was a solo adventure as I took a note from Pete Wilson‘s message in the morning on not waiting to do things until later.

As I was hiking, I kept ruminating on Pete’s message yesterday morning in relation to Saul and David. The path to envy that Saul walked down wasn’t an overnight happenstance. He learned he could live with this envy, and put off dealing with it until tomorrow. He learned he could live with the notion of envy, the consequences and burden of it. It hit home with me that I have some envy in my own life. That as I walk, and feel the growing anxiety of getting closer to the edge, I continue on. I traverse over rocky terrain, knowing there’s something I should be addressing as it nudges me.

DSCN1281I snagged this photo yesterday in a hurry…why’s that you ask? (I am meticulous, often painstakingly so, in getting photos as I hike) I very haphazardly scrambled over the rocky shore so I could get a full-on frontal shot of the river pouring out of the side of this bluff. As I started over the rocks, a thought popped in my head, “There’s probably snakes along the shore line…this might not be the best idea.” Yet I continued. I scrambled and hopped along the rocks, yes I hopped. I was about four feet from the water and two feet from the spot I was aiming for to get the shot. When I looked down to place my foot on the next rock, there laid a big ol’ snake enjoying the weather as well. I screamed…like a big wuss. I then quickly snapped the photo and hurried back to the safety of the woods.

I tell that story to show that I shouldn’t have been surprised that a snake was there…I had thought about it as I knowingly journeyed out. My “tough girl” mindset was  if I stumbled upon a snake, I’d address it when it happened. And when it did, I screamed and ran (rightfully so). I take the same mindset though on envy in my own life…I wait until it runs up on me as if I hadn’t thought about it until that point, when all along the Spirit was warning me to take heed.

I am not sure what the Spirit is telling you today…what notion He is nudging you on…but don’t wait to address it…don’t put it off until you are confronted by it, hissing and attacking you…don’t learn to live with it as Saul did.

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