Escape Average.

fb_acuff_start_v2That’s a relatively easy statement to believe in, right? I don’t know of anyone who sits around going, “Yep, I’m average and I like it.” But the large majority of us are in fact average. Our lens of average may differ a bit, but for the most part, we are sailing the high seas on the Average cruise liner.

With Jon Acuff’s new book, Start, you find yourself not on the Average cruise liner, but having just been pulled from the water of the Average Titanic. Start is the iceberg here. But you don’t just clip it, you slam headlong into it. That is my opinion though as someone whose leaving Average behind for the Awesome dinghy.

Acuff brings both heartfelt passion for encouraging and motivating you to begin pursuing your dream, while also being realistic in those pursuits. If you like lists and need check-offs, probably not your best bet because Start is more along the lines of a Choose Your Own Adventure book. And that is refreshing.

Why? Because my awesome path, that navigates through the same areas as yours, has a different end point, has a different terrain, and I go at a different pace. That’s what makes Start different from other motivational books, simply because it’s not a motivational book. It is inspiring, yes, but it’s practical. It doesn’t build you up with promises of instant stardom and overnight changing of habits. Jon weaves a blanket of trust with the reader while also giving just enough tension to shock you into action.

To quote Jon, You only control the starting line when it comes to your dream. Might I suggest you start with this book?

And to spur you along, I am giving away a Start book, upon it’s release on April 22nd. Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 13th!

Here’s what you have to do though to be eligible:

  • Leave a comment stating what your dream is you’d like to start, by Friday April 12th.
  • Include your first name and email address.

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