More Questions in a Grieving World.

The last week has been draining, both mentally and spiritually. There has been alot of stuff going on, for lack of a better, more detailed word. I am thankful for the draining times, in hindsight. It allows for growth and restoration that can only be found in God. Alot of the stuff though has been just that stuff.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Nashville. After a morning at work, and an afternoon spent hiking with The Dude we stopped at Target to grab a few things I needed before dinner with his family. (another post y’all, another post) We were in the magazine aisle when I was scanning through Facebook and saw that a childhood friend had been killed suddenly overnight.

Heart broken.




Those are the words I can use to describe the emotion I felt when I read it was her and her husband. I saw Lindsay about two years ago when I had gone for a visit. She was bragging on her kids and husband, she was so happy. We hadn’t seen one another since our freshman year of college. It was a great reminder that friendships change over the years, some to acquaintances and some grow deeper. Lindsay and I had gone to school together for years, but hadn’t seen one another for almost the same amount of time. She was bubbly and always smiling. She had the infectious personality that people gravitated towards.

It’s that moment when your heart just breaks because you don’t understand. I cannot understand God’s ways, and why He chose then to take both Lindsay and her husband. They had children, who are now wondering and questioning Him too. I won’t know and I won’t understand.  My only prayer is that their kids would see God through all this as the loving Father and that He cares for them.

I question God. I find that healthy. I firmly believe He gives us the wisdom and logic to stop and ask Him “Why?!” I wrestle with this, but I take solace in that He is the Creator and I am the created. He knows far more than I ever hope to obtain. He loves and He blesses. That doesn’t mean we won’t go through times of heartache, grieving, and doubt.

And that’s okay. It’s okay to question Him. It means we are talking with Him. It shows we give Him the glory and honor of knowing He is in control. Right now, I have to pray for peace and comfort for those who are hurting far more than I.


Please join me in praying for Lindsay and Mike’s families. Pray for their children during this incredibly tragic and grievous time. I know God grants peace and serenity during this. Only He can do it.


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