Changing Seasons.

Photo taken and owned by Sara Stacy
Photo taken and owned by Sara Stacy

Today I woke up to a snowy sky in Nashville. Saturday it’s supposed to be 68 and sunny. I so desperately want to mock the weather patterns here because they are so schizophrenic, but then I just think “That’s the nature of life.”

We all go through seasons, and some of those include seasons of change. If we’re honest, change isn’t necessarily all great. It’s exciting at times, but also difficult. I know I have realized that over the last couple of months. I have such a passion and motivation to write from a single woman’s perspective. I desired for a very long time to share my experiences and questions with other singles in similar situations and times of frustrations. I now find myself in a serious relationship with a man. While I have dated before, this relationship is vastly different than any other I have had.

There have been moments over the last eight weeks where I have pulled against the tension of my passion to write for singles and my need to be authentic in a relationship with someone else. I have told myself that I have no right to now write about singleness as I am in a relationship. I have become “that woman” in my mind which I said I did not want to become at the outset of pursuing this passion.

Currently I am trying to rectify those two parts of my life. I have shared with The Dude (we’ve decided this is how I will reference him in writing) about this goal and he’s incredibly supportive, but I also want to be so protective of our relationship right now that I won’t write about particulars. Well I at least won’t write about particulars and then publish them. I have a slew of posts and pages written but will most assuredly wait to publish for a while.

As the seasons slowly, and quickly, begin to change in nature there is a hope blossoming. Of how one season isn’t forgotten but melting into feed the new season of growth and expansion. My prayer is that for me, and for you if you are in a season of change, to understand both and seeing how one will nurture the other in order to bring new life and growth.

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