Getting Messy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t like messy. I like tidy. Messy isn’t fun. It’s definitely not easy. Messy means chaos, cleaning and blurred lines. I like order. I like boundaries. I operate well within black and white lines. Messy means that there are times when it does not make sense. This comes from a woman who used to have to be threatened in order to get a room clean and chores done. I had this big pile of Barbies next to my bed that had become just a mess. I feared snakes lived in there as it continued to grow in utter destruction. Matted hair, incorrect clothing, and some random non-Barbies all found their way to this pit. Cut to the present where I cannot stand to have clothes in the laundry basket more than four days. Where toys have to be cleaned up when I’m playing with my nephews before we leave that room…(which is just comical to any parent who reads this).

I am pretty sure God loves a mess. I think of Him rubbing His hands together and smiling (in a non-evil way) saying, ” Oh this is about to get messy in her life, and I get to show her a ridiculous amount of love, grace and mercy. Over and over and over again.”

He pursues us for a relationship, eventhough we bring nothing to the table in it. He desires that with us. He relishes us with grace despite how big of a mess we are. He pours out mercy when we believe we deserve vengeance and punishment. His grace and mercy are scandalous because they defy our limited human logic. They go beyond all boundaries to give us the pure love He has for us.

Yes we are messy. Yes we find messes to cannonball into over and over again. And yet that’s where His message shows up. It has to get messy in order to get to the message ultimately.

What kind of mess are you in the midst of right now? Consequently are you listening for the message in the mess?

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