Inspired by traffic…

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I hate traffic. I absolutely hate it. The sitting, the inching along, and inevitably the person edging over in your lane as they sped through the merge lane. Nashville’s traffic is nothing close to Atlanta’s. I can at least be thankful for that.

The other morning as I was sitting in morning rush hour traffic, I noticed the disregard people have for the traffic laws and looking ahead in traffic. “Do not block intersection” signs hang at each traffic light. Repeatedly I watched as multiple cars rushed through the yellow light only to back up into the intersection. The focus was ultimately on the instantaneous movement rather than the stopped cars just a few feet away.

We see, so often, the immediate. The now that we must cash in on because its easier than the hard work of seeing ahead, three moves along the path. Our realm of reference is inches rather than yards. While for many things in life it is good to keep the closer perspective, but I feel we lose what our pursuits are when we keep a three inch perspective instead of consistently referencing a 300 foot perspective.

It allows us to see what matters in our pursuits. To see why we are getting up at 5am or using our lunches to read up on an interest. It provides context for the three inch work we do, the three inch problems that seem to engulf us in a given moment, the three inch tension that begins to feel as if its a 3,000 foot tidal wave.

Give it a 300 foot perspective. In fact, jump to 3,000 feet and give your pursuits a peek. Don’t focus on the moves to get you all the way there, just give your instantaneous mindset a long-term context.

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