A break from the norm.

imagesI love fiction. I applaud any fiction writer out there. Growing up I was that kid who would be upside down on the couch reading Nancy Drew like a boss. I dreamed of one day being her, or Harriet the Spy. I even dressed as Harriet one year for Halloween. That’s how big of a book nerd I was, and still am.

Never in my life have I wanted to write fiction though. When I write it all comes from a place of reality and sharing life with others because I feel led to write from there. But this morning I was reminded of the stories I create in my head.

Today on the blog I am sharing a snippet of the craziness that is my head sometimes. I have shared this with some friends at work, because they know my weirdness on a daily basis and just take it in stride. I thought you all should get a glimpse of that today. I often make backstories for people, as I love to people watch. So here you go…

Every morning I pass a crossing guard on Nolensville (Nashville y’all). She looks to be in her 60s and is taller than your average woman. Rain, snow, sleet or cold she is out there protecting the children and parents who need to cross that crazy road. As I sit in the school zone traffic, I have begun to develop a story for her. Her name is Irene (in my mind at least) and she’s a retired police detective. She still feels called to protect and serve the citizens of Nashville, and so now she does that as a crossing guard. But she’s no regular crossing guard, she is the queen bee of crossing guards. She trains other young bucks on the job (This is true as I have seen her working alongside other new-ish looking guards for several months). Her afternoons are spent writing her very own crime novel series at the Edmonson Pike Library, where she hopes to one day have a book signing. Her husband passed years ago from a long illness, so now she has a Corgi and tea awaiting her at 3pm when she arrives home from her fulfilled days.

As you can see, my mind creates some wild stories for people…haha. I hope you enjoyed the different kind of post today, and a glimpse into my odd mind at times.

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