When Enough is Enough.

I am so thankful for my fellow single gal friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for all my friends, both marrieds and singles. Lately though I have felt the pull towards writing more for the singles, since I know far too much about that world than I would like to admit. 31 years strong as a single.

Single gals get real about single life when we’re all hanging out. I think it’s something though we hate to share with the world at large because we are afraid of the judgement, the comments, and the overall perception that it’s not okay to think that way. Well I am here to just blow that door off…

You see, we often get upset with God about our singleness. And that is okay. God already knows your heart and your thoughts, so just lay it out there vocally. It’s okay to be upset about a life of singlehood at times. Six weeks ago I had a real heart to heart with God telling Him that I was done. I was done trying to understand that part of His plan for my life and that I would be content in the circumstances. He knew His plan and I had to be alright with that. I also told Him I thought it was utter crap to leave me flapping in the wind but that He was eternal and all-knowing while I was a mere 31 and still had alot of learning to do about life.

Here’s the rub though…don’t stay in the “angry at God” mode of singleness. That’s where the issues come up, the bitterness rages, and discontentment with God washes over you moment by moment. I had to yell it at Him and then realize for me that I had a choice in the matter. I could continue striving in my own way, joining online dating sites and pursuing the wrong type of man….or I could trust God to know what is best for me which is far superior to my choice. I chose to be done with striving in my own way and trust that He would bring the best for me, even if that means being single for life.

For me, and I think possibly for you too, God wants that surrender of “I’m done.” He wants you at the end of your rope, so you will cling to Him and nothing else. In that you can find rest in Him from your striving.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

– Matthew 11:27

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