With Blinders On.

“I have nothing to say.”
“I don’t have time.”
“There’s too much to choose from.”

I’ve heard these lines, a lot of times from myself, but also from others a lot. I’m starting to realize that we limit ourselves far beyond what we are capable of in life. We live as though we have these blinders attached to us, and one object in front of us.

We put blinders on to focus and hone in on a specific issue or thing. We limit our vision to this one thing. For a time, that one thing is good. Then suddenly the blinders are gone, but we continue on as if they were not. The focus remains small, cyclical, and begins to eat away at our energy and drive to do.

W don’t take the time to stop and turn our heads. To look beyond this one thing to the options, the vision stretching out before us to provide new opportunities, new interests. Instead we stay within this comfort of safety, however limiting it is for not only us but for those we are leading, those we are seeking to lead.

What if we looked up? What if we looked around? What if we got beyond this one thing to the thousands of other things? What impact could be made by pursuing one more? How would your vision look for yourself? For those you lead?

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