My Beef with T-Swift.

At 31, I can honestly say I have engaged in some ridiculous arguments about some ridiculous things. From the color of a team’s jersey to who should host the Golden Globes, I’ve argued it all. While I know this next little diatribe will invoke the lovers of the blonde with red lips, I am okay with that. I have a beef with Taylor Swift, and it’s about time I let it loose.

indexThe other day I caught myself singing along to this fun song on the radio, imagining my sweet dance moves to it in my mind. Let’s be honest, I could win So You Think You Can Dance with my amazing pop-n-lock action alone. Then I realized it was Taylor Swift. Immediately my mind started listening to the lyrics and in full agreement went, “Yep, that sounds like her alright…”

She’s blaming the guy for being trouble, for not loving her, and for being essentially damaged when she met him. Enough Taylor, enough. The first five times you sang about having your heart broken by a guy, all because you wanted this true, lasting love I felt for you. I really did. It was that young love we all have where the innocence of it just breaks us when it’s over.

You are 24 now. You’ve run the gambit of the dating life in the public eye, and believe me I know the public life is vastly different than the private one. However when you continue to cry wolf about heart break month after month after month, I start to doubt you are truly heartbroken and wonder if it’s all for a good song.

Maybe I’m too cynical in this, and should just brush it aside, but I feel like Taylor is telling our girls and young ladies today that love is fleeting and you have to jump from one guy to the next to find it. How about trying it solo for awhile to see who you really are? Figure out who you are, what you are seeking from your life, and what you desire in the man for your life. Stop and look at the story you are selling to young girls, who are your key demographic. You keep repeating an ugly cycle that worries me about the voice you have for this generation.

I don’t know her private life, and what she carries daily around with her. I do know what alot of young women are seeing and hearing from their idols (such as Taylor) and I am wondering if the message is a bit fuzzy and in need of refinement. There’s a responsibility here for not only the public personality that is Taylor Swift but also for those around young women to speak truth about love and relationships into their lives at every turn.

That’s my beef with T-Swift. Cue Mean.

5 thoughts on “My Beef with T-Swift.

  1. I loved this!! I agree wholeheartedly. I also wanted to share with you something she said during an interview not too long ago:
    “We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken.”


    1. Ouch, I worry where this skewed idea of love comes from in her life. Hopefully someone is around her to speak truth into her life about it. It seems to be a slippery slope for young ladies in the pop genre who sing about love.

  2. I agree with you. The problem is, her songs are so catchy! I sing them, and then I think about what I’m saying. There are so many examples of how love is broken, love isn’t possible long-term, etc. I don’t know how to counteract this without sounding trite, but I hope someone else does.

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